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Best countries to get a free education

Like it was already written, some of the countries all around the world propose very attractive terms of education in their public universities – without distinctions for different nationalities. If you are able to pay for living – pay small administrative costs and study whatever you want. Such educational tourism becomes more and more popular among students in the United States and Europe. Thereby, it may be interesting for you to learn which countries are the best to get a free high education.

Actually, it wasn’t easy to select only five countries, because many countries nowadays propose very useful terms of education for foreigners. However, top five countries to get a free high education are:

  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Norway;
  • Czech Republic.

When we made up the above list, we took into account such factors as the level of education, administrative fees, language of education and living costs. The balance of these factors for different countries is different. Some of them can propose greater level of education, some of them – bigger choice of programs in English, and some of them – lower living costs.

France is a very specific country – it is beautiful, colorful and very passionate about its language and culture. So be prepared to learn French (by the way, it is one of the most beautiful languages in the world).  Most of programs for undergraduates are in French; however, there is a growing number of programs in English. If you are going to study in France, you must prepare to such costs:

  • Living costs in around ten or eleven thousand dollars per year
  • Visa costs – same as with Germany, you need to get a student visa, if you live out of the EU
  • Preparatory school costs if you are going to study in French (government doesn’t pay for such courses)

Germany is very interesting and attractive country with high living standards; however, interest to German high education from foreign students only seems to grow. At this moment, there is still no difference between German students and internationals – all of them don’t pay any tuition fees if they study in public universities. At the same time German high education takes third place in the world (after the United States and Great Britain). There is a growing number of programs that propose an option to study in English; however, some of them are still only German-speaking. If you want to study in Germany, you must be prepared to such expenses:

  • You have to pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Luckily, it is only a small nominal fee – only $150-300 per year
  • Living expenses. If you are going to study in Germany, you will probably select Munich or Berlin and these cities are two of the most affordable students’ cities in the Western Europe. To cover living costs you will probably need around ten or eleven thousand dollars per year
  • Visa expenses. If you live outside the EU, you will need visa to study in Germany. However, it is not so difficult to get a student visa; these doors in Germany are open for people from all over the world nowadays

Czech Republic and India propose good variants for a small budget high education. In Czech Republic you can study for around $1080 per semester in English, or learn Czech and study for free. Living costs here will be around four or seven thousand dollars a year (they depend on city – anyway, it is much lower than in other EU countries). In this case you will still get qualitative European education and live in beautiful old European city. High education in India is totally different option, but it can turn to an adventure and a very interesting experience for you. For $1,200-$5,300 per year you can cover both their tuition fees and accommodation costs. Living costs in India are very available for many people; consumer prices are 236% cheaper than in the United Kingdom, rental prices – 471% cheaper.

Thereby, nowadays there is a variety of options for undergraduates and other students to get a high education for free or for a small fee. You can select what you like and what you can afford – living costs vary a lot in different countries. You can also decide to get an interesting experience – Europe is not the only option; for example you can go to sunny and exotic India. However, even if we talk about free education in Europe, living costs stay – around $11k per year in Germany and France, much more in Norway and $4-7k in Czech Republic.

Norway, as well as other Nordic countries, proposes a very high level of education. However, living costs here will be also significant – among some of the highest in the Western Europe. However, there is a big number of programs to study for free for both Norwegian students and internationals. The vast number of programs for undergraduates is only in Norwegian. At the same time, English programs at master’s and PhD are far more common.