Importance of Character Education for Your Child

Quality character education helps schools create a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for every student and supports academic development. It fosters qualities that will help students be successful as citizens, in the workplace, and with the academic curriculum. It lays the foundation to help students be successful in all of the goals we have for our public schools. It is the common denominator that will help schools reach all of their goals!


Simply put, character education is everything you do that influences the character of the kids you teach. But to put it in a more focused light, character education is the deliberate effort to help people understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values. When we think about the kind of character we want for our children, it’s clear that we want them to be able to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and then do what they believe to be right—even in the face of pressure from without and temptation from within.

Dr. Dennis Regling has introduced a Character Education assembly program for elementary schools. His program includes an exciting school assembly featuring puppets, magic and storytelling as Dr. Regling introduces students to the Six Pillars of Character. His program, The Road To Success,” includes teacher notes and worksheets to keep the learning going after the show. Schools also recieve several posters to post throughout the school to reinforce the lessons presented.

A complete program like Dr. Regling’s not only introduces students and teachers to the necessary character traits for a successful life, but the additional materials allows teachers and administrators to reinforce the ideas throughout the school year through various educational activities that complement the curriculum. Instead of being one more thing for teachers to do, the program shows teachers how to implement the ideas through lessons already being taught.